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Our Team

  • Dr.Yüksel Yalova
  • Counsel | Energy & Privatization Law
  • E-Mail : yyalova@bb-legal.com
  • Foreign Languages : English, French

Dr.Yuksel Yalova has served as a member of Turkish Grand National Assembly for three consecutive terms between 1991 and 2001 and Vice-President of the Assembly. During his term, Dr.Yalova has been appointed as the Minister of State responsible of privatization between 1999 and 2001. Dr.Yalova supervised numerous privatization processes of public entities from various sectors. He holds a close relation with the Privatization Authority, that he assisted its development.

Dr.Yalova joined B+B Law Firm as a Senior Of Counsel in 2013 and provides consultation in privatization and energy projects.

He is also the founding director of African Studies Center in Istanbul and she currently teaches at the Aydin University "Energy Law".